Sandy Oluwek, Kindle Best Selling AuthorI’m Sandy Oluwek, and I work with business owners to make sure that they are never at risk to lose their business because they don’t know their numbers or they don’t have enough ways to create consistent cash flow.

I’m an MBA, CFO, and past CPA.  I know my business numbers and I track my business cash … but that didn’t make me smart about how to actually bring in cash.  It has taken me many years, a failed business, and the 2007 recession to realize that a business that doesn’t have many ways to create cash is a business that is at risk.

So I went on a quest to see how successful businesses were making money, and I found over 100 strategies to create business cash. Strategies, for example, that generate revenue, or cut costs, or track cash.  I pulled them all together in my Amazon accounting best seller Cash Flow Secrets, and I have made it my mission to help business owners use these strategies to diversify, grow, and understand their business cash.

Here’s how I do that:

•    “Cash Action” Coaching to help you successfully implement multiple cash flow strategies.
•    “Finance Smarts” Training to help you easily understand what your numbers are saying.
•    “5 C’s of Cash” Financial Health System Consulting to ensure that you have the necessary financial systems– accounting, analysis, budgeting, forecasting, etc. – in place.

I also love to share my message live through speaking, and am available to speak to any business group, small or large, that would like to hear more about “The 3 Critical Things You Must Have to Guarantee Your Business Cash Flows Forever."

To contact me about any of my services and products, or to arrange for me to speak to your group, contact me.