Cash is the lifeblood of every business – with cash we thrive, without it we die. So the more ways you have to create cash for your business, the more you ensure that you will survive, thrive, and become the business you envision. It’s that simple.

This Amazon best-selling book was written to give entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and coaches more ideas to increase business cash. Most people think of cash flow as just revenue – and there are dozens of revenue ideas here – but there are 6 other powerful strategies to create cash for your business, and this book covers all of them.

This 200+ page book includes ideas, plus real-life success stories, to:

  • Grow your revenues
  • Cut your expenses
  • Free up cash used to run your day to day business
  • Generate extra cash from your assets
  • Tap external sources of cash including OPM
  • Track your cash flow activities and predict your future cash flow
  • Create cash flow habits and a cash flow mindset
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